“Music – The Beautiful Language of the Universe”

We hope to Teach you the basics of music, and to Inspire you to use the Black and Whites to Unlock Creativity, Strengthen Analytical Reasoning, and Color the World. The Piano holds the 88 Keys to the melodies of life!

Mission Statement

Music Good For The Brain?

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Dual Video Concept

Improvisation Testing a new concept of Dual Video presentation while improvising on abstract, non-structured and fractalized themes. No thoughts to rhythm, timing or academic adherence. Just free flow of various finger patterns.

Video Performance

A Melody for Emily A demonstration of the Visual Presentation that may reflect neural stimulation in the Left and Right hemispheres of the brain. At 1:26 I improvise with a catalog of movements within the C major chord patterns, allowing my left hand and right-brain to explore in a relative autonomous manner while staying within the constructs of right hand and left-brain pattern movements.


Beethoven Symphony No.5: Easy Version New Layout for learning songs and classical favorites. A Note by Note instructional video to get you started! Here is the Easy Version of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony. >> More Videos to Learn

Senior Event Setup

Senior Community Event
A quick video of setup and performance.

PianoForteSeries – A music event uniting generations through music. Vineyard Heights Music Event produced by Trazom, LLC and Michael Hawk. Music performed by Nick Poelwijk.

Miko V.1

Miko Introduces Michael
Empower Your Science Mind | Awaken Your Creative Spirit

MIKO (Version 1.0) introduces Michael and the message. A throwback to the original animation design, and before I started speaking to the camera.

Worksheets Skill Developer
Increase your overall reading skills with Worksheets, and learn to play your favorite songs and classical pieces faster and efficiently. Printout the worksheets, write in the notes and make the lines, and check the accuracy here! >> View Worksheets