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A Knight Of Music: Empower Your Science Mind | Awaken Your Creative Spirit!
A motivational music recital/discussion to inspire the General Public to Empower their Science Mind, Awaken their Creative Spirit, and Boost their Self-esteem with the fun of music and the power of the piano.

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1 Digital Piano – PianoWithMichael.com
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9 Holes – LO Golf
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2 for 1 Wine Tasting – Willamette Valley Vineyards
$15 – Slick’s Big Time BBQ
$20 – Avanti
60 Min Facial – Skin Deep & Beyond
60 Min Massage – Skin Deep & Beyond
$10 Oswego Grill
$25 Biscuits Cafe
$20 Ordnance Brewing / And A Growler!
Free Ice Skating for a Day – Sherwood Ice Arena
….and probably more!

Upcoming Events
April 25th, 2pm
Eddyline At Bridgeport

May 30th, 5pm
Hathaway Court
Past Events
Domaine At Villebois
Oct 23rd 2019, Wed – 5:30pm
Wilsonville, OR
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Terrene at the Grove
July 20th 2019, Sat – 7pm
Wilsonville, OR
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