M1 – The Accidental Changes

Translatable Verbal Script:

When to change in an accidentals.
When a note is changed by an accidental, it stays that status throughout the measure, unless changed again by another accidental symbol.
This also applies to notes within a Key Signature.

Once a note is changed by an accidental, it is played that way throughout the measure, including in all octaves, unless changed by another accidental. A new measure resets the note to its original key signature designation.

Here we see how accidentals change in D major.
In D major key signature, all F, G and C notes are played in all octaves as sharps until changed by an accidental symbol. At the end of the measure, all accidental changes revert back to sharp signatures. When the key signature sharps are changed with a natural sign, then you play the note a half step down to the natural key.

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