M1 – Tied Notes

Translatable Verbal Script:

Tied Notes.
A Tie is a curved line that combines two notes of the same pitch to be played as one. For example G and G.
You can combine 2 half notes with a tie to be played as one whole note, or 1 half and one quarter to played as 3 beats.

These are just a few of the many possible combinations of tied notes.
Remember when you tie notes together they are played as one note and one duration.
This is 4/4 timing, which means that a quarter note gets 1 beat and a half note gets 2 beats.

Here we have a quarter note tied to another quarter note, which is played or held as one note but for two beats.
This is a half note tied with a quarter note and is held for 3 beats.
This is a half note tied with a half note which is held for four beats.
And this is a whole note combined or tied with a half note and is held for 6 beats, in 4/4 timing.

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