M1 – The Keys

Translatable Verbal Script:

The Keys, Middle C
Middle C, or C4, is the note between the Treble Clef and the Bass Clef. It also represents the 4th C from the left on a traditional 88-Key piano, and is often used to center the student on the bench.

88 Keys
Most traditional pianos and some digital keyboards will have a total of 88 keys:
52 White and 36 Black
Other digital keyboards will have 76, 61 or 49 keys.
Here we have a traditional upright piano.
Here’s middle c, highlighted in blue on common pianos and digital keyboards.
On an 88 key keyboard, 76, 61 and 49.
On an 88 key keyboard, middle c is the 24th white key from the left.
On a 76 key keyboard it is the 20th white key from the left.
And on a 61 key keyboard, it’s the 15th.
And on a 49 key keyboard, it’s the 15th as well.

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